Your advantages in working with us

  • indication-specific manufacturing according to customer’s wishes;
  • high flexibility;
  • many years of experience in manufacturing of medical products;
  • slim administration, strong production (about 21.000 products per day);
  • wide range of products (1.400 different products).

In the operating theatre

  • Reduced set-up times due to the provision of all products in one set;
  • Simplified initial training of new employees;
  • Simplified documentation with adhesive labels ;
  • Reduced number of deliveries, as no individual products are delivered;
  • Increased quality due to focus on the main activity;
  • Reduced risks for time-critical emergency operations, for instance for caesarean sections;
  • Standardisation;
  • High product quality;
  • High security of supply, as all products are provided in one set;
  • Increase in employee satisfaction;
  • Possible reduction of overtime.

In accounting

  • Smaller number of invoices as suppliers are bundled.

In ecology

  • Less waste due to less packaging;
  • Fewer delivery trips as suppliers are bundled.